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Welcome- thank you for taking some time to explore the confetti of my thoughts. You will find a mash of FB posts pulled here, some items from our hotel experience at Cassa Secoya, and some general reflections from a blessed life.

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25 February – 2020 “Perspective” – an insight on me. Next adventure? Roost116

11 March –2020 AfrAIDS 22- March Shelter in Place 31 March –Hauntingly Familiar

May 20th – Corona B-Day June 14- Transition Time – October 8 Staycation

Welcome to Randy’s Web Corner

In these posts, you’ll find a few ways Randy (and Chris) explore the world. The world is a bit hectic right now, and so am I – so the transparency here is an attempt to balance the joys of life and my relationships, including one with a cycle of depression, overcoming that and preparing for a healthy future.

From family, friends, “framily” and searching for universal truths (and great cocktails)- here you will find some self-reflections, hopes, dreams, and musings of a hobbit-shaped French-Canadian. I want to live fully and laugh more. I’m open to your suggestions on how!

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The feed below is in chronological posted or updated order. Some of what you find at the top is actually old content pulled from a legacy website as I consolidate here. Scroll to the bottom or head to the blog feed for the pinned or most recent content items.

These posts are a combination of old content and new. Let me know what you think.

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A Moment in time- Texas Accident Day 1

Roost 116- June 2020 Sonoma Move. Take a Walk- Northwood Wonders

Trump Related BS

He’s not MY president, yet. Mr. Yummy’s FB post-Trump

2016- I’ll Listen…

Trump Fear He Said Shithole??
I fear my REACTION to Trump

First 100 Days- Trump

Unfriended – Ouch. That hurt.

Travels. – 2018 Kickoff

2016 Day1- France: Day 2-Angouleme Day 3- Rules: Day 4 – Selfish Selfies Day 5. Carcans Marathon Prep : Day 6 – Marathon Du Medoc Day 7 Heaven Day 8 of 21 Pau Basque Day 9 of 21: Amusants Day 10-Collioure 10 – Part Deux Day 11 Twelve! of 21 : An Aside – Death on Vacation? Day 13 – en Provence. Day 14- BadChris Day 15 – Sans Selfie. Day 16 Mt. Seafood Day 17 – Paris. Day 18 We’re Saying! Day 19 – Selfie Friday. Day 20 – No Go Day 21 – Stunning Saturday Day 22. Monday – Done Day


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You have Covid -AIDS
… Covid Armegeddon 2020 … Weirdly AfrAIDS Covid … April 4 2020 Covids … 2020 Resurrection Reflection … Turning 50 in CovidTimes …. The challenge of a Covid Vacation

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We went to Sonoma- Then the river washed us out

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