3 1/2 days of vacation – and a bit of reflection.

We went off to a small bit of vacation, such that we can during this 2020 upside down, ass backwards shit-show. It’s been lovely- and it has been weird. 2020 is so fucked up I even went on a stay-cation without a selfie stick. The world really is coming to an end. Chris rejoiced.

Despite the obvious issues of 2020, we are able to report that we are well. Chris is settling into a system at the motel… and the motel crew continues to focus on the opportunities such a unique and beautiful property present. He had a rough patch trying to balance the logistics of aging infrastructure, clogged toilets and budget-busting events – oh, and evacuation, smoke, fires and pandemic paranoia. We push each other to step back and absorb the fact that we are often the first travel event for our guest, the first happy weekend getaway they have had since March.

In a bout of optimism, we renewed our passport pictures. Ok, maybe it is also a bit of self preservation. We need an escape hatch.

Going out for a drink or for a meal was weird. Utensils are plastic wrapped. Hand sanitizer is everywhere and there is the occasional glare as someone walks by– how DARE these guys sit, drink and have fun outside without a mask!! So I might be projecting. Maybe they are jealous or just can’t stand the backdraft of their mask breath. It might actually not be about me or us. Vacation brings up weird thoughts.

This break wasn’t long enough, but I have some time off coming. I will need to shut down my company- and we are planning to go on limited staff and unemployment for at least a month. During that time I’m going to clean out some old pictures, dismantle and old blog and repost some vacation memories. I’ll work on a new skill (I have not decided what that is yet) – and I will volunteer for the November election. We were able to rent out our condo and reduce our expenses, so our financial situation is LESS precarious, though neither of us expected to be in our 50s with this type of anxiety.

And I joined AAPR. I’m going all in on this BS. I’ll take my 10% off at the buffet thank you very much.

A realization that struck me this morning – our core pod, our core circle of family and friends are doing fine. Real estate sales are good, teachers are working, our retired buddies are relaxing and Chris and I have a stable home. When planning this trip we had 3, 4 amazing opportunities and places to stay.

Another realization – there are lots of people struggling to make sense of the Covid-19 reality. Some of our favorite restaurants are boarded up and with them the dreams of those families crushed. Lots of people are trying to pivot- and we are among the lucky ones. Boarded up buildings and stores throughout Oakland and SF have become canvases for artistic expression. For the rest of 2020 that is what I’ll do. Unemployed? Sure, find a new skill. Income down? Fine – bake your own baguettes. Distracted? Yes- play Fortnight and crush a kid or learn a new skill. Uncertain? Join the club – and take suggestions and ask for help. If you have any, I’ll take ’em.

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Dreamer, entrepreneur, husband, marathoner (in the penguin league), uncle, friend. Enjoying today while always trying to brighten tomorrow.

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