2017 Repost- Day 3 of 17- It’s all about ME! … and I need a benefactor.

Friday started with a slow and sweet wrap-up to our short time in Mahon. The island is sweet and stunning and with the off-season takes on a particular charm. It’s a small island so I think it would spit me out before too long.  This is possibly the first time I’ve been to a Spanish tourist location where I have felt it would be better to be traveling during the busy season.  Alternatively coming here in the dead of their (mild) winter might make for a great location to catch up on reading, thinking, and practicing Spanish.

We are off to Palma to register for the marathon, check into our next place and address the logistic of the race. Chris has again planned this to a perfect rhythm. Our pace has slowed and our appetites are up. We’ve been walking about 5-7 miles a day and it has been great.  Wine is cheaper than water here, so we are adjusting our consumption appropriately.

I did have a shocking realization. I prefer a life of leisure. Yep, there it is. While I am not lazy it occurs to me that I am a better version of myself when relaxed. Vacation pulls out grand ideas of art, writing, discoveries, travel, adventure, and exploring both the interior of my mind and the expanse of the cultures of the world. I need a benefactor. I’ll take applications or references should you be called to this. I would chase the great foods of Spain and the deep thoughts of a restless and middle-aged Chobbit (chubby Hobbit).

Work yanked me in a bit abruptly. I customer sent a message that read quite shitty and almost an ultimatum. Those go over really well with me. My team and I all concluded that this customer was off- so I responded with a gentle challenge and called them out a bit. This was a risk, but one we / I thought worth taking. Their response was good, but it was clear that either we all misread or that she overstated, or perhaps a combination of both. What strikes me about this (especially as we are exploring other cultures) is how much is lost in translation or open to (mis) interpretation.  I have always been acutely aware of the “receiver effect” -that I perceive things through my own filter- so this interaction reminds me that very often our current form of “social” communication breaks connections rather than creates them. I am aware of how this has happened in the world of Facebook yet it was a striking instance to see it in business. The abrupt yank into the intersection of intention and meaning intrigues me. If you have any articles or thoughts on this- message me. If I have ever misinterpreted your intentions or words and you need to explore that, ping me. I still love to learn. Maybe my future benefactor would like me to explore this more.

Some background on the pictures.  I’m getting more selfies and fewer F-OFFs by leaving the hello kitty stick and the drone at bay. I may need some alone time with them as I’m enjoying the #MrYummy time rather than #badMrYummy.

We stopped at the local market (Mercat) and had an amazing tasking of Jamon Iberico and Spanish cheeses. After washing that down with beer and wine (don’t judge, the glasses are small)- we went and registered for the marathon.  I was able to stand on the winner’s podium too. Hey, a chobbit can dream.

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Dreamer, entrepreneur, husband, marathoner (in the penguin league), uncle, friend. Enjoying today while always trying to brighten tomorrow.

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