Repost 2016: Day 11 of 21 Selfie Chronicles [ oh, and the journey of us ] – Thursday & I had to count the days on my fingers!

Today is to be a day without Foie, alas.  This helped me motivate for my light run around the village of Collioure.  That sounds more impressive than it is.  It was 3 1/2 miles.  The village is small.  It was a stunning run.

It’s Thursday, right? We’ve lost our sense of days and dates, which is nice.  I had to count the days on my fingers because for some reason every time I got to 8 or 9 I got confused – not being able to line up Wednesday with a number. Weird. And really, really first world problems- so I’m not bitching – just noting that it is awesome to have lost my sense of time when (back home) I often feel pressed for the lack of time.

Collioure – Google it – it overlooks blue waters and is surrounded by green hills terraced with grapes and olives. We don’t want to leave and it has inspired us. Do we really need to buy something, or should we just rent for a while?  My team is great. Maybe we can work in the company and live in Europe. Team, what do you think?


Other than eating – which we do quite well – today was consumed with a touch of work (for good reasons) and meandering the streets and an artists neighborhood. It was fun taking pictures and at one place a woman noticed me snapping pictures of flowers. She invited me into her studio and showed me a hidden room that is the remnants of a natural spring in an air-shaft between buildings. It now serves as her sitting room and lunch studio and really a sweet little escape from everything. How she thought to show it to me or what struck her- I don’t know- but I’m glad it did and she slipped into English she heard our broken French.

We visited a Church shocking, right? An old pretty Church in Europe. So weird. Chris and I have been playing this running joke about churches.  I’ll say – oh, hey, a Church! He’ll say “Jesus lives there.” I then ask “what is Jesus doing in there? to which he responds  “Hanging out.” I laugh every time. At this particular one, we light a candle for our dear friend Mae and said yet another prayer for her battle with yet ANOTHER cancer. We love you, Mae. Cancer sucks and you are good at it. Now stop that.


Today I really got a sense of place and time in Collioure.  The people we met from here seemed to revel in how awed (odd) visitors are in the place they call home.  It’s small, simple and really quite special.  Two days – sure, enough to get a taste, but we might need to spend a lifetime here some day.



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