Repost- Day 19 – Selfies on a Friday

Friday the 23- Day 19 of 21 Selfies- A food coma and we’ve hopped off.

Repost of old content – new site.

I failed miserably thus far at the selfie-bomb. To be totally honest, I’m actually growing tired of the selfie. It’s getting old?  What is Selfie 2.0 – I need a hover drone. I’ll hop all over that!

Friday we did a bit more of the hop-on and hop off bus, this time for a night tour.  It’s worth skipping. It has also been so great to hop off the crazy train of US politics a little. Being away from the US has helped me disconnect from our media frenzy.  The only news I am seeing is whatever Facebook decides it should feed me or what I choose to see on the internets.  We’ve not had the TV on in over two weeks!! That’s not to say we’ve completely detached from the presidential race, however, and when the subject has come up, the themes are the same:

  • Can you believe that blatantly sexist thing (insert name here) said about Hillary?
  • How is it that so many people hate Hillary and like Trump but do not actually look at facts?
  • When did facts become optional in a presidential race?
  • The priorities of this election are wrong- we need to be voting for structural change that prioritizes education, health care and economic and social justice for all.
  • Why do people HATE Hillary so much and discredit her years and years of civil service?

I get it, she’s not everyone’s cup of tea. However, being in a country whose history has been shaped by fanatics and shaped by the push for liberty and justice, I just can stomach the idea that people I know and love will vote for Trump. He is a bully and all the markings of a fascist and the breaking of our democracy. Please have a conversation with me before you do if you are open to it. We’ve seen some evidence of social unrest here too. I get it- people are sick of the way the system is rigged. Trump is not the answer. And I’m voting for her not just because of him, I am voting for her because I am for her.  Unfriend me if you need to.


Hopping back on the vacation -it’s truly awesome. We’ve had two vacations. France and Paris. Paris is a world onto itself. The timing has not been right for us to get here sooner and now all I can think about is when will we ever get back.

Turns out we have decided to walk off some of the duck fat. We walked 14+ kilometers between stops at cafe’s, gardens and churches. The late-night walk after the night bus tour was frenetic.  Such crazy dense crowds and hectic traffic.  I needed to find a quiet space!

Our tour guide was wonderful and like our cheese-tasting experience in Spain, this woman tried to kill us with pate and cheese.  She learned it was our 20th so she took us to a “lovers’ wall” and took our picture and got the tour group glasses of champagne to toast us. It was very sweet.

Saturday we helped Paris celebrate its parks, I rented a bike, ran a bit, Chris got a cold and we had a touch of wine, but more on that tomorrow.

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