Repost – Day 22 of 21 – Monday – Selfie Bonus Round!

Reposted content from an old site to here.

I am still stunned that I miscounted my vacation days. What a fucking developed-world problem to have and I am very, very happy to have it. The best thing about this vacation??  You mean my 20th marathon, celebrating 20 years with Chris- taking the EPIC vacation we’ve been planning for years?  What’s the highlight? Foie Gras. No! It’s #MrYummy, #badMrYummy – Chris. We fall in love watching the other explore new places and learn- this trip certainly gave us ample chances to love and learn.

The vacation goals.  Chill. Learn. Disconnect. Eat. Reconnect. Drink. Explore. Grow. Answer. Ask. Play. And then Chill some more.  Mission accomplished. I don’t want it to end, but it is time for the getting on with it to get on with it.  I’m sad, but I am ready.

My take away, breakaway French phrase?  Et Voila! It’s said everywhere and is as common as the cigarette, the bitchy looking old man, or the fashionable-looking women. Et Voila!  It announces, it pronounces and it delivers.

This morning I went for another run- this time pushing my pace a little and my distance.  Getting through the marathon training and the marathon injury-free was such a blessing, so now I have a base. I have had to ramp up to not HATE the first 3-4 miles, and I’m there now. I actually LOVE running again.  So I was in that space with when I rounded a cobble-stoned corner, jump up on a curb and caught a toe.  In a graceful pot-bellied pig kind of way, I stumble dove to the pavement, did a roll a stunt double would envy and rather than crashing into an oncoming tourist, I rolled out of the crash (stage left) and popped up to my feet and stuck the landing.

What did I yell gleefully?  Et Voila!  They were shocked, and thought I had injured myself (just my pride) and I dashed off to dust myself off around the corner and stop my knee from bleeding.  This is why I need a hover drone and not a selfie fucking stick. I wish I had that on video.

The balance of the day was spent strolling and checking in. I had a little work to do and I researched the neighborhoods a bit, so when Chris and I were headed back from the parks and Louvre, we had a Pastis in the gayborhood and we hunter-gathered for an at-home meal as we packed for departure. Sadly we just HAD to wash it all down with a bottle of sparkling that was less than $30 here, that would go for close to $100 back home.  I hate the French for that.

Other outcomes:

  • Sonoma – we still are going to give that a go.
  • Adoption- looks and feels like a no-go, but we cannot put a period on that yet.
  • No work, business changes. All good there.
  • Next Travel- Chris turns 50 next year, so we celebrate him.
  • The selfie may have grown stale for me, so I’m searching what’s next.
  • We adopt a “Europe Time Out” – where Chris or I can call for a vacation day whenever we feel disconnected and need it- and then we drop what we have scheduled and embrace our life like we are on vacation.

We can’t wait to see the kitties, sleep in our own bed and get back to a normal diet. Chris is off to New Orleans so he can pack on the butter and lard for a few extra days. As for me, I’ll just be sticking it out one ant-hill at a time, carrying that chocolate croissant up with me.  Voila!

Uncle Randy Out!

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