2017 Repost – Day 12 of 17- Sunday Simple- Cadequez in love.

I have been carrying a bit of stress in my body as of late and I had a breakthrough whilst looking at this Church, out this beautiful window, and over this beautiful city.


Stress? Some of it is work. The business is strong. My team is awesome. Yet we are always threadbare, cash-strapped and rebounding. The tech industry is constantly shifting and the only thing constant is disruption. It gives me heartburn. Then there is the burden of dreams. My dad was completely happy (or so he said he was) to sit in our small town of Blackstone for the entirety of his life. Travels were interesting but never a passion and he CERTAINLY never considered uprooting and living elsewhere. My mom- well she was just happy. If she was around her kids, her grandkids, she was happy. Me? Definitely happy. Blissful… but restless though.  It causes stress.IMAG2226

When I slow down like I did today these weird, weird things called FACTS (they DO exist!), sink in and the reality that sets in quiet is wonderful. Granted it is far less dramatic and terrorizing and fanciful, but it is WONDERFUL.

My facts. If all hell broke loose, my (very loyal and awesome customers and team bailed) and if the housing markets in two countries failed and we were broke, and if my health failed, and if Chris’ health failed, and if my friends stopped loving me and if my family stopped loving me- yeah, if ALL OF THAT implausible was possible, I’d still be married to Chris. I should fear nothing because I have everything. I have everything because I have my life’s true love.

Today was simple. We didn’t do much. We walked. I dipped my feet in the chilly ocean. We meandered. I read. I fell in love again… and it was perfect because I realize that no matter what comes next, I have #mryummy by my side.


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Dreamer, entrepreneur, husband, marathoner (in the penguin league), uncle, friend. Enjoying today while always trying to brighten tomorrow.

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