2017 Repost- Day 2 of 17 – Claiming my space.

36 hours in and I am already down the path of self-reflection.  Does vacation do that to you?  I am questioning where I live, how much I work, and what I can do to reclaim a sense of balance. Step one- I should probably avoid the spike in these thoughts due to pushing them aside until I am on vacation.

I am resolving to get back to my artwork. I still want to learn Spanish. We still want to live somewhere we have access to gardening. I would still like to live near to my biological family. We still want to live in Europe. And yet where I live is lovely and the life I have need not change in order for me to be happy. Is there such a thing as happy AND unsettled? Restless-bliss? A first-world problem indeed.

Day two – mostly jet-lag recovery and a stunning bus trip to Ciutadella- a quaint harbor town on the other side of Menorca. Our base in Mahon has been calming. It’s off-season so there are no crowds, the town is sleepy and in a short afternoon we are able to walk the entire circumference.

We tend to make big decisions on trips like this. Often it starts with a conversation about where we travel to NEXT year and circles around to what we think about our life, career, friends, and the quality time we spend. This time around we have stated to each other that adopting a child is not a viable option nor a pursuit we are going to take on actively. it feels like that ship sailed some time ago and that reality steadies our resolve to be passionate uncles and to push ourselves to continually grow and contribute to the growth of others where we can.

I’ll find time to resurrect the drone and see if I can fix it. I’ve been tentative with the selfie stick only because I fear the looks and we are off to such a great start, I’m not sure getting whacked by a hello-kitty stick would make this trip better.

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Dreamer, entrepreneur, husband, marathoner (in the penguin league), uncle, friend. Enjoying today while always trying to brighten tomorrow.

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