Repost/Move: Spain Again! Day 1 of 17: The business of travel.

Moving content—

2017 -Spain Again!

… And we’re off. Spain again -our 21st year, my 21st Marathon, and a cap-stone to celebrating Chris at 50. We are going to be nearly 20 hours in transit (we are not there yet) but I’ve discovered the benefits of my Amex Platinum account and the comforts of VIP airport lounges.

It has taken me 47 years but I was able to check into the lounge at the Oakland airport and now here in Barcelona and was able to resist the urge to fill my pockets with sugar packets, extra foodstuffs and just about anything not nailed down. Perhaps the recent visit with my family of origin triggered my latent hoarder tendencies (my dead mother would be proud). I don’t know. What I do know is Chris is pleased I’m not filling my water bottle with the self-serve booze from the lounge bar.

I’ve been stressed by work lately. The business gave me these benefits. I am aware that the business of these benefits do have a cost. The real question for me as I start to push towards 50 is whether or not the price I’m paying is too high?

Meanwhile, I think I have spotted a dish that would fit nicely in my man bag. It will join the collection of a mom-inspired, clepto-captured dish and glassware my home has not collected. I’m off to collect.

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