Time for Transition – Sonoma County Here We Come!

June 14th – 2020

And the time for change is here. Thursday morning the cats get packed out and then into our new home. Today we have potential renters look at the condo. Corona is killing my business leads and Chris and our passion project at Casa Secoya is coming into focus. There is absolutely too much going on. Many people have said to me that once you turn 50, things get more stable and consistent- there are just less worries. Yeah, I might have to wait until 51!

Worries? More transitions than worries. We moved our plants yesterday and I’ve been slowing boxing up stuff and sending it to the new place with Chris. Pray for us in the next week or two- we go from a Will Chris be able to break away and get privacy and sanctuary we know he need? We asked our friends to burn sage and smudge the space and help turn an apartment into a home that is a haven, a sanctuary from a home that is a construction zone. It’s time for a change. For a time I had a consulting practice names “change experts”- so one would think I have this in the bag. Not so much, but I do have medication and friends, and Chris.

For the first time in my recently life I will say I am both thrilled and scared. Thrilled for obvious reasons- the property and adventure is shaping up in ways that amaze me and excite the possibilities. Scared because of all the uncertainty – work, investments, corona, politics- it’s all so unsettling. Will the next traffic stop turn into the next injustice and unlawful killing? Today I started with bacon. And coffee. For the next little bit, I think that is what I’ll need to do. Start with what I love and enjoy the simple things that bring me joy. I’ll help change where I can and will start with being gentle with the changes at home.

Why post this? Self reflection, really. I want to mark a date, time and set of events for me and give a place to look back upon later. I also post like this because I get great advice, warm wished and positive vibes from lots of friends and family – so in this point of change, of major transition- I’ll take every though, prayer and all the good will I can get.

Published by randymarcotte

Dreamer, entrepreneur, husband, marathoner (in the penguin league), uncle, friend. Enjoying today while always trying to brighten tomorrow.

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