Repost: 2016- Day 5 of 21 Selfies of Fun- Off to Carcans – Pouillac – Marathon prep

Alas our last day in the sweet home of dear Jean-Jaques. We are aware that we have approached the three-day rule of visitors, so it is time to go, but I’m glad we are taking him with us. He may be done with us, but I’m not done with him. He’s so adorable, passionate and fun to be around.  Three-day rule? Just in case you don not know, visitors are like fish – both start to stink after three days. By the time we are done with JJ, we will have had 6 days. I hope he still likes us!

I think we may have traumatized a local contractor doing some work on JJ’s house. He buzzed and said hello to JJ upstairs, then made his way down to the visitor’s unit (it is the path way to a cellar that is having some work done- only to fine two middle aged men sprawled out on the bed reading in our man panties… nearly naked to the world.  Now that you have wiped up the vomit (sorry about the images and NO, pictures will not accompany this) – picture instead the look on his face. You know that look when you see something on the internet that you wish you hadn’t and you want to “un see” it – yeah, that look. 

The rest of the day was mostly travel, a ferry to Royan, Marathon race-registration and an evening in Carcans on a lake-side beach.  It is a perfect place for pre-marathon race jitters and JJ and Chris the perfect company to help me keep this all in perspective.

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Dreamer, entrepreneur, husband, marathoner (in the penguin league), uncle, friend. Enjoying today while always trying to brighten tomorrow.

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