Repost- 17 of 21 – Paris

17 of 21 and Selfies are fun! Paris! 5 nights in the city of romance!

Just when I was starting to edge towards home-sickness, our dear Karen Edwards sent us pictures of our kitties and we woke up in Antibes. Yeah, we’ll stay right here. 

No? Ok, how about we go to Paris?  Oui! Sure, but only after a good run along and a swim in the Mediterranean.  This shit gets old.  Like never. No, it never gets old. And on an additional up note, I’ve won the duck battles and am ready to eat another one- starting with the liver. Or a pig. I have an appetite again so I may eat a whole cow or pig in Paris.


Pinch me, we are off to Paris.  While I have had ample chances to visit Paris in the past, the timing, funding or priorities were just not in place. It feels right to be here now celebrating 20 years with Chris. We met our charming AirB&B host and he gave us a review of the studio and the architectural elements. We are staying in a building where he runs a gallery in a building that is four centuries old, looking out on the interior courtyard.  He explained the original design of these block homes – meaning they take up a whole block – and the growth patterns over the hundreds of years that have created this dense, vibrant and romantic city.  I wish I had brushed up on my French history as much as I google earth-walked the city. So much pretty stuff, so little time. I need a pocket guide or a Drerick Christianshaw sidekick.

After a mind-blowing dinner and wine combo at a little dive around the corner, we went for a stroll and saw Notre Dame. It’s a church and it’s pretty. All of that is me being understated.

I am feeling the tug towards home and getting back to work. We have a lot of important and fun, engaging things going on. I’m glad I feel a positive pull for home, but I clearly have some exploring to do, so I’m likely to unplug a bit, sit at a cafe and just read a book.

– yes, lucky, lucky, grateful me!

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