2017 Repost – Ode to a dead drone: Days 6 – 9

You have entered the drone zone. NO, not me. You chose to click – so read on about the sadness that is death of a selfie drone.  Spoiler alert! All I managed is to get a picture of my crotch. It’s nothing special- the drone I mean. Actually, it’s in the trash. What a waste!

Wanted: working, quality selfie drone for under $65 dollars.

Day 6 – last Monday: Palmer to Soller. Another spoiler alert: we could live here.

Sóller- https://www.abc-mallorca.com/soller/  We took a sweet touristy and retro train over to Soller. Another surprise? I had jamon. It’s four days since this short trip, two cities later and I am seriously starting to smell like Jamon fat. I might have licked my own arm. Maybe I did that. That evening after siesta (which for me seems to be another work for Gin & Tonic) we walked our way up to the Mercat San Juan. Chris was Chris- which means he did all the foot fetching and purchasing while I nursed my sad and tired marathon legs.

Day 7 – Bye Bye Palma – Hello Sitges. Another spoiler alert: we could live here.

Sitges – http://www.visitsitges.com/en/ . In the event food at American airports was as good as the crappiest of foods at Spanish airports we’ve been in, American fliers might not be nearly as pissed off. This might be because I had (wait for it…) Jamon Iberico. After a short flight to Barcelona and picking up the rental, we made our way to our host house in Sitges. The pool was terrible as noted in an earlier post, but luckily our host (a fabulous queen from Budapest) greeted us with a bottle of cava. This day- Tuesday- marked the death of the drone. It would be three full days until (today) I actually gave up and burried it.

Day 8 – The Thunder and Lightening of Sitges. We started looking at property.

Sitges continued. Don’t get me wrong, I love California. But after suffering through two days in the pouring rain in Sitges (which is rare) and compensating by journling, reading, eating (Jamon) and drinking (water, agua con gas actually) – we could live here. We popped into a gay bar as Sitges is the gay get-away coast for the Catalonia queers and their friends. I picked up a hot guy pictured here. Score 1 for 21 years of bliss! Sitges is cute, touristy and only a 30 minute train ride from Barcelona. They also have a very, very healthy pintxos culture, which makes me happy. Yes, I had Jamon and Chris had a tortilla (the Spanish kind). More about the “pinchos” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pincho

Day 9 – Terragona and Cataques. Spoiler ALERT! We could live there / here.

Tarragona: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarragona . Yes, Yes, it rained AND we could live there. We are actually not that unique in this as people have been living on this crappy spot for like 4,000 years. More, actually. I saw the largest intact Roman aqueduct that I’ve seen ever. And it is just right by the freeway. Their ancient colosseum is by the sea and still used today. A very smart woman suggested we go (thanks Mrs Martin Scanlon). Bla, bla, bla..a medieval church build on the same grounds that has been a holy site for cultures for thousands of years, cobble stone streets, Jamon, wine, cervezas, Jamon, pictures, jamon- Spain is so f’ing redundant. Where the hell is the taco bell! Or a f’ing Dunkin Donuts for Christ Sakes!  All joking aside- yeah, that was a joke – even a brief walk in this ancient historical city was a history-buff’s dream and I could spend years here studying and eating Jamon. For sure I will spend years eating Jamon.
Cadaqués One of the jewels of the Costa Brava and Spoiler Alert!  We CANT live here. It’s too f’ing expensive and there is about .000001 % property availability.  wikipedia.org/wiki/Cadaqués
This part of the trip is the big dance for us. A few years ago Chris cheated on me with this city. He’d pop out of bed early and head out the door to explore, wander, take pictures, soak in the sights and sounds and (luckily) return with a cafe and chocolate croissant. That was back when I ate the evil satan-influenced gluten. Little has changed since we were here last except for the occasional whiff of marajuana and the calls and signs supporting Catalan independence from Spain. Today (Friday) I slept in, did some work I promised for my team and did a ton or reading. Oh, and laundry. The mystery of European all-in-one washers lessened a bit today because the condo we are in was furnished by Ikea and I could google the unit and learn WTF to do.
This time next week we are headed home. I miss it and I miss and love it enough to say I want to go back. Tomorrow we day trip to France. Therein is one of the primary reasons we MUST live in Europe at some point. Given we are not having babies or raising anything other than back-hair and kitty cats, we have the option to live in another culture. More than anything else- jamon and VERY inexpensive (tasty) wine options aside, that is what has me itching for a bold move abroad.IMAG2226



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