Day 14 of 21 French Selfies #BadMrYummy struck again, AND he smiled.

2016 Vacation Content- moving from one site to this one…. nothing new to see here.

Much of what charmed us has been posted by Chris on the FacePlaces, so I’ve pasted it here. Yesterday was near as perfect as a vacation day could go and I am finding myself more interested in savoring the details rather than trying some it up, or post anything terribly insightful.

We met another gay couple from the US. When we were in Roussillon (to see the incredible clay deposits)- he commented – “Hey Randy, your hair matches the cliffs!”- he has NO idea how much of a kick that gave Chris. Here is his post, which sums things up nicely.

“Today was a feast for the eyes. We explored a few of the smaller places in Provence: Roussillon, Gordes, and L’Isle-Sur-La-Sorgue. We also took a long scenic drive through the countryside back to Cassis. Our route, guided by GPS – included about 5km on a dirt “road” through a vineyard. I am not sure what I expected of Provence but it exceeded anything I could have imagined. Each of the towns we visited had their own unique beauty, and the views we saw today rival those I have ever seen in how stunning they were. Our day began at a street market and ended our back at our apartment enjoying the rotisserie chicken, ratatouille, and roasted potatoes from the market followed by a few delicious cheeses and some grapes. And yes, wine was enjoyed. It all sounds terribly cliche, but somehow it felt exactly the opposite and was utterly satiating. It was a thrill to have all of this enjoyment with my KooKoo, Randy Marcotte”

20160918_074600For me, it was about the sweet, lazy departure, the market and meandering and the time we took to check in, explore the region and one another’s thoughts.  We were firmly grounded in Provence, but talking about family, home and our goals and dreams while soaking in the dreamy backdrop of France. In the vast expanse of our world and in the midst of the chaos of this time, yesterday felt special- we were doing exactly the right things for us in exactly the right time. Lucky, lucky us.

Tapping out! Uncle Randy

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