Defining pivot-points that will make America great again? Time for you to grow up or go Mr. Trump. #dumptrump #MAGA @realdonaldtrump #metoo @randymarcotte #shithead #shithole

Originally Posted- Jan 13, 2018 after President Trump ran his mouth again. I look back on his words then and am outraged that this poor behavior is normalized now.

When is enough, enough? Like many others I believe that how we all respond now to issues of gender inequality and racism will mark a place in history, and that what we do in this time of contention defines our ability to claim a moral high ground and remain both a world leader and world power. If done right America can be made great again. If these issues are addressed poorly, with hyperbole and vitriol, we all get to witness and mark the decline of a super power in real-time. I never expected this in my lifetime. Honestly I fear that Mr. Trump has set the bar so low that now our NEXT set of political candidates could be even more polarizing.

There are lovely people in my life that defend President Trump without any critical reflection, in my experience and opinion. If you feel targeted by this comment – feel free to reach out to me and we can have a true conversation.  Enlighten me. As a democrat / liberal / socialist I often get written off as though I lack the capacity for spirited discussion, active listening and openness to changing my position by people (family, friends, coworkers) that spend much of their time single sourcing their news and learning. I listen to Fox often enough to know it is equally an echo chamber as any (instert liberal media title here) newscast. I found this #NYTIMES article quite helpful and comprehensive.

If you have another resource I should read, share it. I’m open.

What I am not open to is fact denial just because it is inconvenient or uncomfortable. The #shithead said #shithole. So now what? Yes, I was excited and interested to see what a shake-up to our political system Trump would bring. I do not, however, carry any interest in Mr. Trump trying to disguise his racism as tough talk. He’s not a shit disturber- he is a narcissist with a potty mouth (Ok, so am I… I fucking swear and I blog)- and he is a bigot cloaking his prejudice in double speak, revisionist lies and he is both sexist and racist.

The #metoo movement was long overdue. I have witnessed, created and ignored instances where woman were made uncomfortable, disrespected, and taken advantage of in many ways. I have learned and always want to learn where I can help in these situations. I believe I am part of the solution and working towards a solution. Admitting that I have and likely will continue to contribute to the problem helps me be better, more aware and actually not make mistakes. Similarly, the racist thinking and learning of my past plague my thoughts today. Admitting that helps me avoid the pitfalls of prejudice. Un-discovering racism is more than language correction; it requires self evaluation, vigilance and a LOT of listening to the experience of others.

So I have to ask. If some nobody chubby uncle like me can have these insights, how is it that President Trump – with all his “genius” and resources and experience cannot approach these topics and times with a ounce of introspection? I pray that he finds some better vocabulary, some humility and some integrity. I’m so frustrated with the current status of things that all I have left is prayer. Pray for Trump.  He needs it.

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