2016 repost: Day 13 of 21 Selfies en Provence

Today [yesterday at this posting]  – was a nice simple day.  I don’t have much to say that is unique. I got the You Are #1 sign from #BadMrYummy again. Like a couple of times. In my video panorama of the #Cassis harbor, even some of the on-lookers give me the hate look. We sleptContinue reading “2016 repost: Day 13 of 21 Selfies en Provence”

Repost: 2016-Day 4 of 21 Selfish Selfie Fun!

There was a bit of work follow-up and oddly this time it didn’t feel like a vacation bummer, it is collaborative work on the new website and is exciting.  While not my favorite to work while trying to play, Chris and I have a collaborative process that is productive and engaging.  It is working.  SoContinue reading “Repost: 2016-Day 4 of 21 Selfish Selfie Fun!”