Relationship status: It’s complicated.

Well…. actually it is not. We simply had to ask, “Are we happy? Can we be happy here?” The cat is out of the bag. We will be moving on now that Chris, Alex and the teams have created a magical destination – we are ready to find something next. Truth is- Chris has beenContinue reading “Relationship status: It’s complicated.”

The Promise of Easter & Breaking Bread

Reflecting on Easter: In the early part of my life, clinging to beliefs handed to me or those that made me feel certain, guided and secured against the unknown played a huge role. Today, I find the unknown more comforting.

The Milk is Free, Why Buy the Cow?

The motel renovation continues and I benefit. Chris is picking products for the motel and samples came in. First perk for me, I get to test. First “perk” for Chris, he gets to hear my opinion, whether he likes it or not. So lucky him!

It’s all a matter or perspective.

Feb, 25th 2020: I drive or walk by this warehouse and office building on a very busy street often. It is generally littered with garbage or often the tent spot for a pop-up homeless camp. Most often it is just a convenient spot for plastic garbage and the annoying people with dogs who let themContinue reading “It’s all a matter or perspective.”